26 Januari 2010

Profession VS Relationship

people said, when you are success in your profession then there will be problem/failure with your relationship or vice versa

i watched  the movies devil's wear prada many times. this fact was proven from this story.
what i wanna share is, its hard to maintain your relationship with your family, husband, fiancee or anyone that consider close to you when at the same time you have another commitment with your works

its happened to me....
we're planned to have a special dinner at someplace that i dream to be there
but, unfortunately because of my works, i was stuck at the office finish up the proposal and need  submit to customer by today
i thought, i manage to settle before 8.00 pm, but its already 9.35 pm and just finish the proposal.
a few minutes ago, i just got called from denver 

" yang kat mana?"
sorry , yang kena hantar proposal by today, tunggu kejap eh
"xpe lar, saya balik dulu,naik tren"

now u get my point?
poor of me, we were happy yesterday  and we have planne to have a romantic dinner tonight
i know, there was no 2nd time
huhuhuhu :(

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