22 Februari 2010

23 feb

tomorrow is my fiancee birthday...
hmm.... since we are getting married soonest, so there was no expensive gift that i afford to give him like last year.
i plan to have a special dinner at romantic place or else buy him a cupcake that more cheaper i guest.
hehehhe :) i bukan kedekut ok.... we are on my way saving money for our wedding.

a few weeks ago, a had ask him "sayang ank gapo hadiah tahun ni?"
as usual, he never ask me anythng, not like me always beg him for anything that i dream off.
" xdok gapo eh " simple answer

i tak sampai hati, coz he always buying anything that i dream even it takes so long to buy it.
he meant a lot to me......

tomorrow, after having meeting with TM i  plan to buy a cupcakes to him and then go dinner at somewhere.
opps onemore thing, buy a cards for him..... plan to deco with mhyself..but what to do. got many things to settle plus preparation for my wedding.
i wanna be
the first person who wish u
a happy brithday
hope this year will bringmore happiness in your life
n our dream to live together will come true

happy birthday sayang

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