8 Jun 2011

pertama kali

This Fine Life: A Novel
today is the first day i sent adrian to the nursery in front of my office
the cost is Rm 350..donno yet whether worth or not
huuk huk huk rasa sangat sayu
i sent him to the upstairs , bathing him first before im leaving

he hate bottle..even i change the teat..but he have to.....
before leaving adrian looking at me...talking to me...like he understand that i will leave him
maybe he said " dont worry mommy, i'll just be fine here "

i kiss him so many time
and then when i get in the car
im crying on denver's shoulder...
i cant pretend to be ok..

poor my little boy..
sorry sayng..u have to stay there coz mommy have to work...

tidur ye sayang....

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