6 April 2010

My Date Night

him? he's just not the same with my ex, how could i say yes when the first time he proposed me on early 2006. i called him denver, dont ask me why, i like the name and it suit to him.
when i rejected him for the first time, he still insist to be friends with me and still wanna me know him closely.
i tested him with one condition " do you mind if every time we have a date, i want my 2 best friend will come along?"
not one but both my best friends, will join me having date with him.

so starting that day, we were dated together with my two friends. very sweet, and it realize me how really serious he was. we have been dated for 9 months until 29.09.2006 he asked me dinner alone without my two friends. i was shocked but i just pretend to be cool. on the way he sent me home , he stop the car and starting look at my eyes... and he said " please be my fiancee my dear "

OMG... donno what to say...my eyes starting to wet.... until today im still wearing his necklace with the "N" locket. thanks god for sending him to me...i love him very much.. and now we are waiting for our precious moment to be a husband and wife on 6th june 2010. please pray for us....

it was my date night forever....

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