16 Julai 2010

Foolish Saving

foolish saving ..hot topic i heard this morning on fly fm. hahahha :) have u ever stacked on this ?
because of fuel increase 5 cent...well malaysian people willing to ques for more than half an hour just to save 5 cent per litter. at the same time they were losing most RM 10 for queuing at patrol station.

luckily when i went out last night to fill the fuel...there were no people at all. maybe it just because of increasing 5 cent. but different thing happen in seremban...fly fm reported 3 patrol station was close off this morning due to running out of fuel..

sometimes it happen to me too.  like this morning.... when i went out to office.... i asked myself ... which way should i take to avoid jam and reach early? hmm...all the path will jam.... only npe quite ok. but i choose federal highway just to save rm3.20 coz this afternoon i have to go to tm. hahahahhaa ...so i spent most of time on highway causing me clock in 8.38 am. reason for late : traffic jam.....


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